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“Your classes are filled with fun vibes ever since the moment you step in the room. Most classes are like empanadas but yours is the empanada with the garlic sauce?” – Gonzalo

“I found Dance ConneXion is one of the best place to learn Latin dance for beginner to advance levels. The instructors are super friendly and at the same time professional and attentive. The quality and content of the classes are rich. They combine their masterful knowledge and delivery skills with wit and humility in such a way that you always feel welcome. There are laughter even during serious practice sessions which makes the lessons fun and less intimidating for novices. The instructors are very knowledgeable, they are amazing dancers themselves. The feedback they provide during each lessons are always precise and to the point for each individual students. Overall I’m very satisfied.” – P Taj

“Just arrived from the Salsa capital of the world Cali Colombia in search of a good Salsa school in the Greater Toronto area. I was quite disappointed after trying a few well know Toronto academies, until I ended up at Dance ConeXion. Just the quality and knowledge of the staff is worth the experience. Thanks Tania, you make us caleños proud. :)” – Yvon

“Absolutely love taking lessons at Dance ConneXion. My skills have improved quickly and classes have been so much fun. Tania is an excellent instructor, she is able to break down all the steps and teach her students how to master even the most complex moves. It has been really nice to get to know her and her students. Classes are always on time and Dance ConneXion offers great workshops as well. I`ve also taken lessons with Stefan and loved his energy and teaching style. The studio it self is great and spacious with available parking. Thanks guys!!! I always look forward to your classes and love spending time with your team.” – Melina

“Dance Connexion is an inclusive place for beginner to advanced dancers. I’ve tried other schools and what I really appreciate about DC is their instructors provide feedback tailored to your goals. The classes are small to ensure you will always have the instructor’s attention. The school really promotes inclusivity for all levels and backgrounds and the Latin dance community. Their uniqueness is how they work with every student on their individual growth and encourage their dance journey through progressive classes. Rather than throwing choreography at you (like most schools), DC focuses on refining form and dance foundations that are applicable in many genre. I’ve made lots of friends at DC and highly recommend those who want to get into dance (it’s never too late).” – Queenie

“Started going to this studio about 1 year ago upon my friend’s recommendation. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! The people I met there are super friendly, instructors patient and observant, there are tons of different styles to choose from, for any ages – kids to adults! Both female and male instructors available, if you have a preference. If you join the performance team (which is what I did), you will receive world champion quality instruction and training as well as chances to perform on stage, socials or join congresses on a team! It felt like I joined a family and I will highly recommend this studio if you are looking to spice up your life experience in Toronto!!! =D” – Grace W


“I loved our class!!! Thanks a lot!!! I knew it, the moment I had your workshop at King of Bachata I realized that this is the type of lesson I need to get! And I was right! You are an excellent teacher! I can feel that I will improve soooo much if I continue my lessons with you and keep practicing. I will apply all the points that I learned tonight in the next social ;) I like your personality too, very sweet lady! I am happy that everything is exactly as I was hoping to be.” ~ Ali

“I don’t know if you recall my first email to you in which I mentioned that I wanted to take classes with you to see if I still enjoyed Salsa? Honestly I can say that it has been an amazing experience learning from you along with getting to know you. I realize I have much to learn but I can honestly say that what you have taught me so far is more than I ever expected to know and be able to learn based on my previous attempts, and of course including your high standards and quality control methods (i.e. keeping good posture with karate chops, and keeping my backside in by constantly reminding me. “those damn mirrors”). As a result I’m actually starting to feel confident about being able to lead and use the different forms interchangeably. Sorry for the ramble, I just wanted to say thx so much for everything.?” ~ Jason C

“Tania Wong is the best teacher we have ever had and is also the proud owner of Dance Connexion. She is great and wonderful at the same time. I whole hardily recommend Dance Connexion because it’s not only a fantastic and exciting hobby but also feels like family. Myself and my daughter are proud to be Tania’s students. Tania puts her heart and soul into teaching my daughter and has helped her become a confident, professional, disciplined young lady. Dance Connexion is the best studio, because its director Tania Wong is dedicated not only to help her students but to get to know them as well and help them reach their goals. Over all she is the best person in the world. Thank you Dance Connexion and staff for always delivering amazing instruction while maintaining a professional demeanour! 5 stars! I will continually recommend this studio for any level of dance.” –  Natalia, Rob, and Lisa.


“When you join Dance Connexion you’re not joining a class, a performance group, or just a healthy activity…you’re joining a family. Tania is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet – who dedicates her life, love sweat and tears into the school. I first started learning with Melissa (Tania’s student) thinking I was just going to learn the basics. A few months later I was dancing every weekend, meeting new people, and finding a whole new part of my life I had been missing. There are wayyy to many good memories at this school and I am so thankful for all the amazing people I met on the way!! I am moving this year and one of my biggest worries is how i can ever find such an amazing school again. So basically, hands down would recommend this school to everyone , i am confident they will also have the same amazing experience as I did. (oh and I can’t forget about the amazing congresses we go around the world together for!! everyone is invited!!)” – Adina

“You meet a lot of great people, all ages, in friendly and supportive environment here. I mean I’ve made friends for life.
The instructors are pros and fun to be around. Tania is great and will help you take that next step if that’s what you want.
I got nothing but good things to say about Dance Connexion. When I wanted to try something new, something out of my comfort zone, I was lucky to stumble upon this studio. In my opinion it’s best school to take lessons and do teams. But see for yourself I guess.” – Anton D.

“I loved my experience at Dance ConneXion! I joined the salsa performance team in May 2019 and my salsa really improved throughout the six months. The routine was super fun, but also challenging, which is what I wanted. I was able to work on my technique and performance skills. Tania is a really inspiring teacher – she motivates you and makes you want to do really well. This is an awesome and welcoming place to learn salsa and lots of other styles of dance!” – Jocelyn M

“This was my first time joining a team and it was the best decision I ever made! I have learned so much sexy styling thanks to Tania’s impeccable expertise! Team environment is fun, energetic, friendly, loving and caring! I definitely recommend taking dance classes with Dance Connexion and joining the performance teams! Its not just a team, they simply become family! I have met the best people here and have created lifetime friendships!” – Ada L.

“I would highly recommend Tania’s Batchata Ladies Styling Class- Tania managed to create a fun and a challenging atmosphere for all the ladies participating, while at the same time holding a high level of seriousness and professional attitude during the learning process.
This was my first learning experience with Tania, everybody is gently nudged to perform at their best, and the results are transformational, it impacted my dancing in other areas and the learning goes beyond the choreography taught during the session.
I will surly participate in future sessions.” – Mary F.

“It was always my dream to perform in public and when I heard about Dance Connexion’s ladies styling team, I immediatly signed up for the class. The routine was difficult and requires a lot of flexibility but with Tania’s help and her excellent teaching skills, I was able to perform the routine for the first time in public and the audience loved it. Joining a dance class is a fun way to get fit, meet new friends and gain confidence in public performances and Dance Connexion has it all! ~ Charmel A.

“Being part of the lady styling team has been quite a life changing experience for me. It’s the collaboration of dancing, friendship and confidence building all in one. Would not trade the memories for anything in the world”~ Jennifer C.

“I joined my first lady’s performance team under Tania Wong’s instruction last year with a goal: to improve my styling in social dance – I thought that I would never actually perform – it was an intimidating and daunting thought to dance in front of an audience. Under Tania’s direction, my confidence rose performance after performance, and soon I became much more confident not only on the stage but also during casual social dancing. As the Canadian Bachata champion – Tania knows her stuff when it comes to performance, makeup, beauty tips, conditioning, and choreography – you name it! I had so much fun as a member of the lady’s team and made many new friends. Currently, this is my second time on Tania’s lady’s team – the choreography is creative, incorporating elements of contemporary dance, various styles of music, as well as romantic bachata styling. Our performances and practices have always been great experiences and I can’t wait until the next!” ~ Helena Z.

“My time at Dance Connexion

I went in to try a class and immediately and fell in love with dance.

Tania is a very talented, patient, warm and encouraging instructor who selflessly gives individual attention and coaching to each student as if they are her only student. She turns “that’s impossible, I could never do that” into “Look what I can do!”

Her energy is contagious and inspiring.

I travel about 2 hours to get to her classes not because there aren’t a myriad of other schools closer to my location, but because finding all of the aforementioned attributes in one package has proven to be quite the challenge.

There aren’t enough words, nor is there enough space to sing Tania’s accolades not because she is my instructor, but because SHE is the one whom I have chosen to be my instructor and friend.

Dance lessons bring strangers together. Dance Connexion creates a family.” ~ Dee


“We worked with Tania to plan a show and group lesson for a corporate event and could not have been more thrilled with the performances by the Dance ConneXion dancers and the response from our employees! Our staff were absolutely mesmerized by the amazing tricks in the routines, which made them that much more excited to take to the floor to learn a few basic moves themselves. Tania and her assistants kept it lively and entertaining, but were truly patient instructors, ensuring everyone had a great time from start to finish! Whether you are looking for a professional performance for an event or for dance lessons, or both like we had, Tania and her team from the Dance ConneXion will not disappoint!” Joan, Mercedes Benz Financial Services


“Thank you! It went really well. We had tons of comments and everyone was so impressed. It was a lot of fun just like you said it would be. You were amazing with all your help! I can’t wait to send you the video once it is prepared for us. I think you would be proud of us. The whole day was amazing I can’t even describe it. We will definitely try and work some classes into our schedule. Thanks again.” ~ Kevin Horton

“it went well…Ppl really like it…Some were surprised that I can lift her!” ~ Bill & Constance Wong:

“It was so much fun taking our first dancing lesson with you yesterday! Just wanted say that I’m extremely happy and excited to learn the whole dance for this song! I can totally see why you are so excited about it as well! What you came up with is totally what I’m looking for!!!!”
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for coming up such an amazing choregraph! Can’t wait to master this dance! hahaha…
P.S. I found a really cute short white dress for this dance at BCBG today!!” ~ Diana & Carson

“Thanks so much for your beautiful choreography and teaching us. It really made our day that much special!
Rajeeve surprised a lot of people with his dancing!” ~  Elizabeth and Rajeev

“You are a great dancer, instructor and choreographer! You helped us a lot and we did a wonderful job on our big day and impressed all our guests! They all thought we are “pros” but actually we’d never know how to dance before that! It was also a fun and happy time that we practiced together. I will definitely recommend you to my families and friends.” ~ Annie & Nathan