The Ballet Room

Level up your performance by improving your lines, posture, core strength, flexibility and agility, as well as adding those jaw dropping spins, leaps, splits & kicks into your routines!
Super excited to be offering “Ballet for Performers” designed to focus on exactly that.

Don’t be shy and come explore why ballet, which started in the 15th century, is still popular for various ages today, and a crucial training for all types of dancers and figure skaters alike!

Never too late to learn and all Ladies & Gents welcome. No experience required. Join us on our online community of dedicated dancers!

Instructor: Tania Wong

World Champion competitor, dancer, instructor and choreographer with a foundation in various dances, especially Ballet, since her early years. She was trained in the Royal Academy of Dancing (UK) system, and has performed with renowned ballet companies including the Hong Kong Ballet Group. She has taught thousands of students worldwide since 1995 and performed alongside top singers, bands & dancers in the industry, as well as being featured in multiple newspapers, TV and radio shows. Her impressive titles include 3 times Canadian Bachata Champion, 2nd runner up World Bachata Champion and multiple times Toronto Salsa Champion.


  • Sunday 10:30am-noon

All classes will also be recorded for replay in case you missed a class. Just message me and I will send you the video! :)

What our students have said:

“I was really excited after today’s class because I can see lots of progress.  I think I have only been with you for a couple of months, but I see huge improvement in my balance, posture, foot strength and spins.  But what I noticed is that the length of time that I can hold the leg up has dramatically improved.  You probably noted this too.   I have been practicing the pirouette prep and spins and have been seeing improvement.  At this rate, I may achieve my dream of doing a pirouette!  However, once that happens, there will be new dreams:  a double pirouette, or a fouette?
Thanks for being such a great teacher! :)” ~ Saroja
“Thank you so much for your patience and encouragement!!! I appreciate it so much <3” ~ Henrietta
“The past year had some disappointment of missed plans and events but also filled with many great opportunities, accomplishments and the strive for new goals! Thank you so much Tania for everything that you do, the classes are fun, challenging, and so inspiring!!! It’s nice to dance with you all on a weekly basis, it brings so much joy each week!!” ~ April
“Thanks Tania for keeping the fun class going! And so happy to get to know all the beautiful people from this ballet room this year. :) I think we have made quite a few awesome memories and accomplishments despite of the pandemic!” ~ Evelyn

Class Fees:

  • $80+hst/month in studio option for Unlimited Access Plan (up to 5 lessons a month w/ recordings!!) 
  • $50+hst/month online option 
  • Per class fee $22+HST/in studio drop in, $15+HST/virtual ballet class

Sign up using link below or simply etransfer total (+HST please) to

The Ballet Room