Brazilian Zouk

What is Brazilian Zouk?
A sensual dance originating in Brazil, Brazilian zouk has its roots in lambada – the “forbidden dance” from the late 80’s. Over time, it has evolved to include elements from ballet, hip hop, west coast swing and various other dance styles. Body isolations & rolls, spins on various axes, connecting in close holds and “head rolls” are all common parts of this dance.
Music-wise, it was originally danced to Caribbean zouk, but nowadays, it can be danced to various other genres as well – Pop, RnB, Top 40, Country, Reggae, etc

Why learn this dance?
> For students at a beginner to intermediate level in another dance style:
You will learn of more ways to connect with and be sensitive to your partner (lead or follow) and have better dance experiences. Zouk has significant influence in Bachata Sensual style so learning from the source will help you with your bachata!
> For absolute beginners:
You will be learning a dance that can be danced to most genres of music! This means that you will be able to dance it at parties with friends, club outings, weddings, malls… anywhere “zouk-able” music is being played!
What is the goal of this course?
To have students learn and be comfortable executing various basic steps and simple turns.
To have students find the beat of various music genres to be able to dance on beat.
To understand and implement etiquette of dancing closely with a partner.
… and more!
Class will be instructed by acclaimed instructor Ed Marques from Brazil and his partner Jena from USA.

*Eglinton Studio*

Course: Zouk 101

Dates:  New 6 weeks courses starting Monday Apr 8, 2024

Time: 7-8:30pm

*Sheppard Studio*

Dates:  New 6 weeks courses starting Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

Zouk 101: 7-8:30pm

Zouk 202: 8:30-10pm

Social:  10-11pm Social

Instructor: Ed (Brazil) & Jena (USA)

Price: $225+HST, drop in $40+HST/session

Register by etransfering total of $254.25 to to reserve your spot!