Customized Programs Fast-Tracks Your Learning

* Need flexible class time

* Looking for more individual attention

* Need customized learning for your specific goal

* Feel that you learn much faster or slower than others in a group class

* Have a group of friends whom you want to organize a class with

If so, private dance lessons are for YOU!  Let us know YOUR needs and we will help YOU achieve them.

Performance/ Competition Choreography

* Wants to have a dance created for you and your partner to practice with * Have a piece of awesome music that you want a dance created to * Want to take your dancing to the next level by performing or competing We offer choreography for your specific needs and provides also training on performance techniques and competition coaching.

Professional-Amateur (Pro-Am) Competition

toronto pro am bachata and salsa competition

So you do want to challenge yourself by going into competitions but you do not have a partner and do not know where to start We have professional instructors/dancers who can provide the choreography, train you on all the performance specifics, and at the same time compete on stage with you! A once-in-a-life-time experience.

Check out what a previous student has to say: “It was amazing to finally been on stage for first time ever!! it was a rush of feelings and adrenalin, now I know why you guys like it so much!  Tania, hanks for the opportunity to finally perform! you are n awesome instructor!!”