Kizomba comes from Angola, means “party”, and have been taking the world by storm in the last few years as a romantic music that catches the ear and as a sensual dance that captivates the soul. Kizomba, which was derived from Semba, has taken on many influences and allows each dancer to develop their own style based on their own dance backgrounds and preferences. Also, other styles can be incorporated into your dance and add to your musicality.

Absolute Beginner Level introduces the fundamental steps, men & ladies saidas, giro basicos, blocking, and more.

Improver Level takes the fundamental steps, turning them to smooth sequences with tricks and fancy moves that will you shining on the dance floor. Pre-requisite of Beginner or equivalent experience required.

No partners required and all ages welcomed!



Sundays 12-1pm w/David Espinosa (starting Jun 4, 2023) -> new class!

Drop in available please inquire by email ( or text to 416-618-2551.

Privates also available on Sundays – please inquire.