Best Salsa In Group Lessons Toronto



Salsa is usually a partner dance that is associated to salsa music now popular worldwide.  It has its origins in the ’50s to ’70s, with the truly distinct salsa style coming out of New York in the ’70s. The music fuses a number of Cuban styles, but also draws from a number of other Latin American musical styles using the maracas, conga drums, and guiros.

Salsa has become one of the hottest trends and Toronto has one of the best Salsa scenes in the world. It is a great way to meet people and have fun.  No partner is required!! Not to mention that dancing improves posture and grace, and also a fun way to keep in shape.

We offer all levels of classes depending on your experience. We host outings regularly so you will get to practice and show off what you learn!



Bachata is a dance from the Dominican Republic commonly danced in Latin night clubs all over the world.  There are many styles of bachata – it can be danced slow, sexy with a lot of passion, or fast paced with lots of footwork. Experience why this dance is now one of the most popular latin dances!



Kizomba – the hottest new word in the latin dance scene in Toronto and all over the world.

Kizomba comes from Angola, means “party”, and have been taking the world by storm in the last few years as a romantic music that catches the ear and as a sensual dance that captivates the soul. Kizomba, which was derived from Semba, has taken on many influences and allows each dancer to develop their own style based on their own dance backgrounds and preferences. Also, other styles can be incorporated into your dance and add to your musicality.



It is so true that ballet is the foundation of many dances, and it develops not only poise and toned muscles, but also creating body awareness and confidence. Designed for dancers of all ages and dance experience, the ballet classes will help you tone muscles that you rarely use, gain strength, lengthen your body and create beautiful lines to perfect whatever other dance form you are doing, all the while having a lot fun!

Drop in for our fun ballet workout class that takes traditional ballet techniques to a fun contemporary levels – dancing to modern/pop songs and more.  No experience necessary!




The flirtatious dance fitness spectacular combining dance, theatre, showmanship and fun! Burlesque Fitness incorporates sensual stretches & curvy cardio and a whole lotta sexy stuff! We work out in heels, shake our tush and be fabulous… we know you wanna.

these classes offer a great workout and a safe arena to move your body and laugh with your girl friends. In addition, the girls-only class boosts self confidence as girls recognize that they are beautiful at whatever shape or size!

Each class will start with some sexy style muscle conditioning to get you tight and toned and finish with a spicy routine involving either regular, floor or chair work.