“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Directed by our multi-times World and National Salsa & Bachata Champion, Tania Wong, Dance ConneXion provides many genres of fun and easy to follow group and private dance classes, even for those who claims to have 2 left feet.

The classes give you more confidence to meet and interact with people and to keep you in shape in the most FUN way. After that we take you to numerous dance socials for you to practice, show off what you learnt from class and meet more new friends.

For those who wants to take your dancing up a notch, learn from our Director through private lessons and/or join one of our award winning salsa, bachata or ladies styling performance teams!

There is definitely something for EVERYONE.  See your life transform at Dance ConneXion!



Artistic Director

International Instructor, Performer, Choreographer & Competitor
Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Semba, Ballet, Ballroom

Wedding, Performance or Competition Choreography

World Champion competitor, dancer, instructor and choreographer with a foundation in various dances since her early years.  She has taught thousands of students worldwide since 1995 and performed alongside top singers, bands & dancers in the industry, as well as being featured in multiple newspapers, TV and radio shows.  Her impressive titles include 3 times Canadian Bachata Champion, 2nd runner up World Bachata Champion and multiple times Toronto Salsa Champion.  Tania is now one of the most recognized and sought after dance instructors for clubs, parties, and special events, with work in North & South America, as well as Asia.

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oscar naranjo dance connexion toronto salsa classesOSCAR NARANJO

Senior Guest Instructor

International Instructor, Performer, Choreographer & Competitor
Salsa, Argentine Tango, Self Defence Bootcamp

Wedding, Performance or Competition Choreography

Vice World Salsa Champion, competitor, dancer, instructor and choreographer from Ecuador where he spent his childhood immersed in rich Latin culture and music.  He was fortunate to have trained with the world renowned Latin Dance instructors such as Jesus Aponte, Salamon Rivera and Vasquez brothers. He also had the opportunity to train in Argentine Tango with the World Champion Fabian Peralta. Oscar started travelling at the age of 18 competing nationally and internationally.  His big break as a performer came in 1989 when he performed the opening act for Eddie Santiago.  Since then Oscar brought his high energy dance to performances of such well known Latin entertainers, competed extensively and was awarded first place in 25 Salsa Competitions and crowned Vice World Champion at the Miami World Salsa Federation Championships in 2003.

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Senior Instructor

Salsa, Bachata

Having started dancing since 2003, Jason has a huge passion for latin dancing and strives for constant improvements.  He has traveled, instructed, led and performed with Dance ConneXion (including Alma Toronto and Yamulee Toronto) in congresses and events all over North America.  With a friendly, easy going & extremely patient personality as well as attention to details,  Jason has been an amazing addition to Dance ConneXion.


fernando & Salma dance connexion



Bachata, Cuban Salsa

Fernando and Salma are all about bringing people together through dance. Their classes are never short of laughter, smiles and tons of FUN! Their passion for Bachata is contagious. They love to mix it up and bring into their lessons what they have learned from their substantial background in other dance genres. They believe that dance is limitless and personal. They also believe that dance shouldn’t be taken too seriously and encourage their students to experiment with movement. With laughter, passion, and creative teaching, Fernando and Salma are most proud of helping hundreds of students break through their initial awkwardness and discomfort to experience the joy of dance. Come and escape your everyday to laugh and have fun with new friends!





Salsa, Bachata 

You will never miss Stefan when he’s in the house!  His never ending laughter, energy and “pew pew pew” are contagious.  Guaranteed not a dull moment in class!

A 6-year social dance addict, Stefan travels around the world to different congresses to learn from various world champions and top dancers in the industry, as well as to social dance with dancers of all styles to further improve his craft.  Come learn the latest techniques and discover the passion of dance with Stefan in the most fun way possible!


melissa lee markham toronto dance connexionMELISSA LEE


Salsa, Bachata

A professional singer by trade, Melissa knows how to entertain a crowd.  Melissa’s passion in dancing and her extensive knowledge in music rises her to being a prominent member of Alma Toronto, Dance ConneXion, and Yamulee Toronto performance dance teams in no time.  Having taught salsa classes back at University of Western Ontario, she started spreading her love of teaching at the Dance Connexion since 2017.


alisa toronto salsa bachata lessons



Salsa, Bachata

Alisa fell in love with dancing at a young age while watching her mom perform with the Russian Ballet. Trained in Ballet until the age of 13 provided a foundation of technique that she still applies to all her dancing. When moving to Canada, in order to keep her love for dance going, Alisa signed up for various dance classes from hip-hop to jazz and even break dancing. She was introduced to Salsa and Bachata in 2013 while living in Calgary, which has since become her biggest dance passion. For the last few years Alisa has been preforming, teaching and assisting teaching Salsa and Bachata classes in Calgary. Since recently relocating to Toronto, Alisa has joined Alma Toronto and Yamulee Toronto and is very excited to continue her dance journey with Dance ConneXion and sharing her love for dance.





Brazilian Samba, Ballroom
Sandra comes from a family of doctors and engineers from Santiago, Chile. She is clearly adopted as her passions and talents are dance and performing. Do not let her pleasant and entertaining personality deceive you, she has gone through intensive and gruelling training in numerous contemporary dance techniques, ballet, jazz, Caribbean and West Ivory African dances. Her focus now is Brazilian Samba and Latin and Ballroom with experience performing at shows and competitions all over the GTA and beyond. From stages as big as the 2015 Pan Am Games to your local community center, Sandra is always ready to dance to her own drum and you can find her teaching others to dance to their own drum at the Dance Connexion.


kpop toronto dance connexion


Perhaps a new name in Toronto, but definitely not so in Korea! Cindy has trained Kpop and Hip Hop to hundreds of elite dancers in Korea and Canada, including the famous K-pop girl Group ‘LOONA’  HyunJin, as well as the ‘boys24’ Sin JaeMin.
A frequent dance award winner including:
  • The 16th Youth Festival Dance part Gold Award
  • The 1th Anyang ScienceUniversity Dance Contest Silver Award


    Anyang “C” regional dance contest Gold Award

  • Korea art college youth dance Battle Silver Award choreography
  • Korea art college youth dance Battle Popularity Award  choreography
  • SeJoungSi Peach Festival dance battle Silver Award choreography
  • National Youth Dance Performance Competition Bronze Award choreography

Come check out this Korean style Hip Hop and learn only from the best!

nicole corbett toronto dance connexion


Salsa, Bachata
 As a rock climbing instructor, Nicole knows how to teach and explain movements and keep participants entertained.  Her passion in dancing and dedication in perfecting an art leads her to becoming a prominent member of Alma Toronto and Dance ConneXion performance dance teams.  She started spreading her love of teaching at the Dance Connexion since 2018.

dance connexion instructor



Kids Latin & Ballet Program, Salsa, Bachata

Having trained, competed internationally and taught martial arts at a very young age, Jhalan knows about hard work, perfection and discipline in everything she puts her hands on.  Her passion in dancing and dedication leads her to becoming a prominent member of Alma Toronto, Yamulee Toronto and Dance ConneXion performance dance teams.  She started spreading her love of teaching at the Dance Connexion since 2018 and is especially amazing with our kids programs with years of work with children behind her.


darrick venegas bachata


Guest Instructor

Bachata Sensual

Darrick (a.k.a. “The Professor”) is known to the bachata social dance world to have the one of the most intricate patterns & dips that makes him super fun to dance with and is always leaving followers wanting for more. Having discovered his love of bachata 6 years ago, Darrick have travelled and learnt from masters from all over Europe & North America, including Paris, Marseille, Rovinj, Dusseldorf, LA, Miami, and more.  His first love is social dancing and he is passionate about spreading his love and knowledge of bachata to continue growing Toronto’s dance scene.


DANIELE FUGGETTA Dance ConneXion Toronto Argentine Tango


Guest Instructor

Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango dancer, instructor and performer from Italy with more than 17 years of experience. He lived in Turin, the city where Argentine Tango is most practiced and renewed, after Buenos Aires.  He studied with some of the world renowned Argentine Tango instructors such as Fabian Salas, Sebastian Arce and Esteban Moreno. He has been teaching in Italy at CUS Torino first and then founded it’s own school “Tango Mood”, before moving to Toronto.


stephanie wu dance connexion balletSTEPHANIE WU



A passionate dancer for 17 years, Stephanie was trained professionally and has attained the diploma in vocational graded examination in dance: Advanced 2, presented by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). Additionally, she has competed in I Love Dance, Flash Dance and Hall of Fame Dance competitions earning First place, Second place and high gold respectively. Stephanie continues to pursue her passion in dancing through the exploration of different styles and is a driven, fun and warm addition to the Dance Connexion team