Deep Flexibility Workshop

Explore and deepen your flexibility in your legs and your backs with our new specialty workshop with certified trainer Fred Bauer from Manitoba!

His own journey to flexibility started 5 years ago and have discovered and infused a lot of yoga techniques into the stretches. He has found injury prevention as the primary benefit other than the ability to making all these IG worthy beautiful poses with your body. Like the last split challenge we had in the fall, we believe in guaranteed progress made by staying consistent.

Classes include warm up & core work, stretches for splits, as well as back stretches. Finale of the class includes drills for those IG worthy poses based on individual’s ability. Each class is 75min to ensure proper warm up and time to not rush into stretches. Stretching safely is our primary mandate. Also, every stretch class is completely different to keep things interesting and to work on so many different parts of our body. :)

Dates: Sundays Mar 7 – Mar 28 (4 Sundays)

Times: 12 noon – 1:15pm

Location: Online via Zoom

What do you need: Yoga mat and blocks. towel, water, and use your creativity to look for in your home some floor and wall space, elevated padded surfaces (like futon, couch) :)

Cost: $15 per 75min session, or $60 for ALL STRETCH PASS, with FREE BONUS STRETCH SESSIONS with Tania Wong every Tuesday and Thursday 7:45-8:15pm!!! (Total of 13 stretch sessions!)

Please register via link below or simply etransfer to

Deep Flexibility Workshop