Renaud Ayotte

Senior Instructor
Salsa, Bachata, Pachanga, Zouk


He fell in love with Latin dance in 2006 and never stopped sharing his passion since then. His dance specialties include Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, and Brazilian Zouk. His passion also exposed him to many other dance styles such as jazz, contemporary, lyrical, ballroom, and ballet.

Renaud has taught and performed around the world including Europe, Asia, the United-States, the Caribbean, and Canada. With his partner Tania Wong, he has competed and won the following titles:



  • World Salsa Championships (HK) 2013, Bachata 2nd Runner Up
  • Toronto Bachata Congress 2013, Bachata Champion
  • Toronto Salsa Festival 2013, Bachata Champion
  • Montreal Salsa Convention 2013, Salsa Vice Champion
  • 6 Degrees Salsa Competitions 2013, National Salsa Vice Champion
  • Canada Salsa Congress 2012, National Bachata Vice Champion