• Date:16 - Jul - 2018
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:245 Sheppard Ave West, Toronto
  • Venue:Fast & Furious - SALSA
  •  Dance with us!

Because it is SUMMER and what is better than taking this time to meet more people, get healthy, and change your life style? Join SALSA, the hottest dance that has spread like fire around the world! Learn the dance and go out dancing at venues available every night of the week and meet new friends along the way!

Level 1 of our Salsa course explores different variations of left and right turns for both leaders and followers, Cross Body Leads, Hammerlock, Half Turns, etc.

Level 2 of our Salsa course continues exploring the different variations of followers travelling left and right turns, simple dips, ladies styling, and more. Pre-requisite of Level 1 or equivalent experience required.

Level 3 of our Salsa course explores more intricate and common patterns and variations on Titanics, Copas, multiple turns, and more. Pre-requisite of Level 2 or equivalent experience required.

Level 4 of our Salsa course explores intricate patterns and variations such as coca cola, around the world, lassos, and more. Pre-requisite of Level 3 or equivalent experience required.

Our open level salsa is an on-going class where you will learn fancy and changing combos using the foundations established.

No partners required and all ages welcomed!


NEW CLASS SCHEDULE (open for registration):

Level 1: Mon 8-9pm (Jun 11 – Aug 20)

Level 1 4 weeks CONDENSE: Tues 7:30-9pm (Aug 7 – Aug 28) – new!

Level 1: Tues 8-9pm (Sep 4 – Oct 30) – new!

Level 1: Sun 2-3pm (Sep 9 – Nov 11) – new!


Level 2: Thurs 9-10pm (Jun 7 – Aug 2)

Level 2: Sun 12-1pm (Jun 24 – Sep 9) – new!

Level 2: Mon 8-9pm (Aug 27 – Nov 5) – new!


Level 3: Thurs 7-8pm (Jun 7- Aug 2)

Level 3: Thurs 9-10pm (Aug 9-Oct 4) – new!

Level 3: Sun 12-1pm (Sep 16 – Nov 18) – new!


Level 4: Thurs 7-8pm (Aug 9 – Oct 4) – new!


Int/adv Open Class (Level 5+): Tues 8-9pm (on-going)


Save your spot now!

*Drop in option available for $20/class and check out also our monthly unlimited dance program for a best-valued price of $119/month!

Salsa Group Classes
Day and Level of Course: