Fitness Bootcamp with Tazito

  • Date:04 - Oct - 2017
  • Time:18:30
  • Location:Fridays 6:30-8pm and Wed 7:40-9:10pm
  • Venue:Get Fit with Tazito (Markham)
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Dance ConneXion presents
‘Get Fit With Tazito’ Self-Defense/ Fitness Bootcamp workshop.

Who is Tazito Tazito G ?
Canadian based award winning Action star and martial arts champion with a foundation in pro sports and the performing arts since his early years that has taught in several countries worldwide.

What will he teach?
Self-defense moves and tactics that are essential for everyone these days. He will also teach how to get fit – stay fit and look fit without the hassle of chunky equipment & while staying lean like the stars do it for the most demanding roles.

Why Tazito?

1. Male action performer of the year and Icon** award recipient 2016 in LA for acting.

2. Award winning stunt performer

3. World title holder in martial arts

4. Been in the elite sports field for 24+ years

5. Former Manchester United team member

6. Martial arts teacher for 15+ years

7. Collaborated with many nutritionist and trainers that helped prep for roles such as Rocky,
Batman & Superman

8. It is NOT One size – fits all. Customized programs and areas for participants to achieve individual goals will be assigned depending on commitment/time/place/needs/wants.

9. Trained a vast number of female and male students ranging from 5-73years old

10.Professional. Patient. Dedicated. Fun.

** Icon award was presented to Tazito in September 2016 by Dr. Bob Goldman** The main supporter of Arnold’s classics & amateurs as well as the founder of the anti-doping committee and first personal training certification.

Are you ready to get fit and trained from the best!!

Course schedule starting Oct 4:

Every Wed 7:40-9:10pm

Every Friday 6:30-8pm

To know more or register email us at